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The history of Altoros dates back to 2001

Initially, the company specialized in providing a wide range of services for websites—from graphic design to classified ads. With the realignment of the demands on the IT market, the company placed its emphasis on e-commerce web development and a dedicated team model.

With the acquired knowledge and expertise, Altoros chose cloud technologies as the next step in the company’s development.

Today at Altoros, the most experienced engineers, developers, and designers are shaping the future of digital transformation. We are proud to have built unique expertise in Agile software development (using iOS, Android, .NET, Java, Ruby, Node.js, JS, Angular.js, etc.), as well as the Cloud Foundry platform as a service (PaaS), blockchain, machine learning, business intelligence, and big data.

The company has several business lines.

Dedicated teams is an outsourcing model that helps employees to gain experience working on various projects and with different customers, as well as initiate a transition to one of our other business lines if needed.

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Cloud orchestration implies moving legacy solutions to the cloud, multicloud deployments, DevOps best practises, CI/CD, container orchestration with Kubernetes, and implementation of a private PaaS.

Our team from the enterprise blockchain business line assesses existing blockchain-based solutions, as well as provides the development and audit of smart contracts and protocols.

The experts from blockchain for startups business line assist in blockchain solutions development with Hyperledger and Ethereum, as well as provide a full-cycle consultation on the token economy.

Blockchain for the insurance industry: currently, the Atomica business line is building algorithmic products designed to minimize and transfer DeFi risks.

Among the customers of Altoros you will find such industry giants as Boeing, T-Mobile, Citibank, American Airlines, Microsoft, Siemens, Warner Music Group, Sony, Toyota, and Cisco.

Over the years, Altoros has been an official partner of such corporations as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, VMware, IBM, SUSE, etc. We do not stop here and gain new competencies, giving our employees the opportunity to learn and grow with us.

Today, Altoros employs 350+ people. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has offices in Poland, Argentina, Norway, and Finland.

If you are driven by new challenges, motivated to evolve professionally, and have a desire to discover unique solutions, you are welcome to join Altoros!

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