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Altoros core values

Intelligent Judgement: address the root of the problem, not the consequences.

We value those who look beyond the surface and get to the true root causes of the issues. We are not getting anywhere by tackling the symptoms. However, by curing the root cause we make sure the issue does not arise again. Think deep and drive continuous business improvement.

Communication: base your ideas on facts and figures.

We encourage people to focus on the things that matter, provide hard facts and figures to make sure the ideas are unbiased and business-oriented. We believe clear communication both inside the company and with our customers sets the right kind of expectations, enhances productivity and builds deeper customer relationships.

Curiosity: step out of your comfort zone, explore the unknown.

We appreciate people with a profound expertise in a single field and the ability to collaborate across disciplines. We appreciate those who constantly question the processes and concepts in order to improve, who are willing to broaden their horizons, transcend boundaries and go above and beyond. Curiosity is a path to success.

Impact: focus on results, make things happen.

We are absolutely convinced that everything is possible. As they say “Tomorrow starts today”, so get down to work and make a dent in the universe. Rise above your comfort levels, break through barriers and inspire others to do the same.

Innovation: innovate yourself, innovate the сompany, innovate the world.

We think and practise innovation, look into the future and embrace the change which can propel the сompany to new heights. We take pride in working with people who dream big, drive innovation forward, lead the others through their example. Innovation is the only way to stay ahead of the game.

Courage: be bold, take risks, speak out and stand up for your beliefs.

We believe fear stifles creativity, kills curiosity and hinders progress. Get rid of doubts and hesitation, have courage to experiment, make the most of opportunities that come your way and reap the benefits of your efforts.

Passion: cultivate your passion and share it with the world.

We acknowledge that passion is a powerful source of inspiration, motivation, and innovation. Passion creates interest, gives meaning and guarantees quality. It affects everything you do. Pour passion into your work and into your life and create added value by doing that. Passion produces excellence.

Honesty: dare to be honest.

We consider honesty to be a guiding principle of a productive work environment. Honesty builds loyalty and trust, so be open and transparent to yourself and your colleagues. Own up to your mistakes and take action to rectify them. Altoros is no place for toxic people. They undermine morale and core values of the company. Honesty and integrity equal success.

Dedication: strive to achieve a healthy balance between your personal interests and company goals.

We reward those who take a vested interest in the prosperity of the company and are willing to go the extra mile to help the company flourish. These people are committed to Altoros mission and have the power to transform attitudes and processes sometimes at the expense of their own interests. Set the balance right for the mutual benefit.

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Send us your CV or Linkedin link and our Talent<br>Acquisition Manager will contact you in 24 hours!